Short description of your place and practices

It's been 9 years since I became a farmer in Madagascar, in the highlands. The basis of my agronomic systems are the trees, which allow me to be completely self-sufficient in fertilizer on a plot. I also grow my own plants which are used to make my biopesticides

Beyond that, my main activity lies in the multiplication and selection of vegetable, flower and tree seeds useful in agroforestry.

I also offer training on my cultivation site, and I will start processing certain products this year. Finally, part of our vegetable production is sold in supermarkets.

On my 1.5ha plot, I have 20% of surface area dedicated to the production of biomass through my hedges, 600 fruit trees and 200 banana trees, and a narrow gallery forest of endemic trees.

I only grow rare, ancient or endangered plants for my vegetables.



Farm and farming system

2 - Mixed home consumption and commercial 
Crops, Trees

Details of the farming system

I multiply and select seeds of rare varieties, based on their ability to be as resistant as possible to diseases and pests. My fields are completely self-sufficient in organic fertilizers and pesticides.

What is your dream for the future of your farm and/or your location in general?

I dream of becoming an example of perfect autonomy from all possible points of view, of being able to create new varieties of seeds, but also and above all becoming a seed bank for the whole country. Additionally, the basis of my systems is agroforestry. I therefore hope that one day, my systems will be copied, popularized, and that the country will once again become an oasis and a little paradise for everyone, and that the peasantry will be able to live properly from their harvests..

Responsible for information

Florian Fraix Bavuz